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New favorite little kidism

During storytime last week, I asked the kids what the wolf says.  (Please note, I was NOT reading The Three Little Pigs or Little Red Riding Hood or any variation there of.)


Ben:  “Huff and puff.”




It’s hard to read out loud when you’re smiling as big as I was.


Reading Promotion?

So, I went to the elementary school today (and while there realized that there is a BAD typo, well, not bad, but a missing vowel, in my schedule) to do promotion for the Summer Reading Program.  The second to last group that I spoke to, the kindergarteners and preschoolers, were REALLY cute.  They asked all the typical little kid questions, and said all the normal little kid things.


Just before I was about to end, a little girl (preschool group), raised her hand.  I leaned in close, because the kiddies were starting to get restless, and I wanted to be able to hear her.


Little Girl:  “Do you know the book Fifty Shades of Grey?”


Me:  “Um, yeah, that’s a book.”


LG:  “My mommy loves to read that book a lot, all the time.”


Me:  “Books are fun, aren’t they?”




Yeah, so I had a preschooler doing promo for Fifty Shades.


As long as you’re reading, who cares what it is, right?  😉


I’m both horrified and delighted.

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