"Miss Martha, you are so weird!" "I know . . . isn't it wonderful!?"

And this morning?

I wake up, and there is snow on the ground!!


I got to work, growing more numb by the mile.  When I got to work, I realized it was not going to work.  After a two hour work day, which consisted mainly of getting caught up on what I missed the day before, checking my voicemail, and packing up work to do at home, I got back in my car and drove my numb ass (and everything else) home.


I’m so sick of feeling like this!


*whine whine whine*


My MS doctor told me yesterday that the body uses a lot of energy to constantly mask and compensate for the nerve damage caused by the disease.  In times of illness, injury, or STRESS, the body has to redivert energy to address those issues, leaving the underlying MS symptoms to run rampant.  So, while this isn’t a relapse, it is a flare.  It means that the disease isn’t necessarily progressing, just rearing its ugly head.


I am grateful for the struggle, because it means I still am here.  Like wrinkles and gray hair, it’s proof of life.  Wear it, endure it with pride.  You’ve made it thus far.


Comments on: "And this morning?" (1)

  1. You are amazing, Martha. Very encouraging words and shows how strong you are.

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