"Miss Martha, you are so weird!" "I know . . . isn't it wonderful!?"

. . . of counting my blessings . . .

My stomach is doing it’s Sunday thing today, and yes, I “pulled a Martha” while getting the dogs’ breakfasts ready.  So, after a week of feeling relatively shitty, no pun intended, and a weekend of feeling so yucky I haven’t showered since Friday before work (you may gag here) . . . needless to type, I was not feeling up to going to the Super Bowl party at our friends’ house.

So, what does my husband do?  Stay home with me, cook us dinner, and we have yet to even flick over to the game, or any game-related coverage.  *loving sigh*  In fact, we just watched one of my DVRd episodes of Lockup, and now we’re watching a program about mammoths on PBS.  So, for those who may think he is just a big dumb animal (and I am sometimes among you) . . . remember this . . . I’M WATCHING PBS WITH MY HUSBAND ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!!!!  🙂


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