"Miss Martha, you are so weird!" "I know . . . isn't it wonderful!?"

Beddy Blogging

So I am upstairs, having retired for the evening, before I get sucked into more shows and am up too late, especially considering that I have therapy in the morning.


Kenny is in the kitchen, prepping the pork for smoking tomorrow (one of the small benefits of his being out of work is that the “fancy” and complicated cooking that used to be reserved for weekends is now an every night event) . . . so . . . of course Lilly is barking up a storm because there is noise coming from a room that I am *not* in.  If Kenny is making a shit ton of noise in the kitchen and I am in there with him, no barking.  If I am in the kitchen by myself making a shit ton of noise, no barking.


AND . . . I’m guessing the Stupid Bowl is over, because some of my asshole neighbors are setting off fireworks, and setting off my dog.  Thanks, turds.  I didn’t want to get any sleep tonight, anyway.  *sigh*


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