"Miss Martha, you are so weird!" "I know . . . isn't it wonderful!?"

Venting about the vents

We had (another) gas leak at work today.  The last one landed me in the ER.  So, when we smelled gas (not from my butt this time), we evacuated the building.  I stormed through, announcing (with no room for interpretation or misunderstanding), that EVERYONE was so get out of the building, immediately.


Everyone listened, except for this one guy on his computer, who I KNOW heard me . . . eye contact and all, as I marched though, protecting my people and my building.  I make the staff get their purses and get out of the building.  This is not optional.  I am in full commando, mama bear mode.
Dude still sits at the table and doesn’t leave until a POLICE OFFICER goes and tells him to get out of the building.


Sorry, sir, that you can only listen to someone with a dick and a gun.  Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean you should take me lightly.  I wasn’t telling you to get your shit together and get out because I was having a bad hair day.  Sorry I cut into your wi-fi time to KEEP YOU FROM POSSIBLY DYING.  My bad, dude.  Next time just sit there and hope nothing sparks.




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