"Miss Martha, you are so weird!" "I know . . . isn't it wonderful!?"

My Ladies

How can I even begin to count my blessings when I am surrounded by such devoted people?  These women who lift me up (sometimes quite literally) when I am down and support me (sometimes quite literally) in all that I do.  They allow me to *be me* at all times.   I do not have to hide or censor who I am . . . and it’s so refreshing.  I have been blessed by these women who are able to laugh with and at and because of me.  How wonderful to be so loved!  These women who worry about me as much as I worry about them and long to help me as I long to help everyone else.


My friends, my co-workers, my family.


I can’t save the world on my own . . . and I am grateful for the team that has assembled around me.  A battalion of women to encourage, commiserate, and laugh.  Always always always laugh.


It beats the alternative, and it doesn’t mess up my mascara.





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