"Miss Martha, you are so weird!" "I know . . . isn't it wonderful!?"

feeling productive

I actually got most of what I wanted to get done accomplished today.  Kenny and I walked the dogs across town for Ollie to get his rabies shot.  (A nice down hill the whole way there . . . home was another story.)  On the way back, we had to walk through a pack of cross-toting elderly who were standing in front of the planned parenthood office.  There was a nun, in her costume, too.  As we walked through them, I said, “Come on Lilly, we’re not that kind of people.”  It made me angry, and made me walk faster.  I wanted to go back . . . to walk any girls in.  Perhaps I would have brought my pitbulls.  And my neighbors’ dogs.  (There are two more pits on my block.)  I have just as much right to tell them they are wrong, as the have the right to say what they want.  All I could think of was that episode of Beavis and Butthead where the people were marching in front of the abortion clinic shouting “Whores!  Fornicators!”

But . . . I shouldn’t judge them . . . I’m better than that.  😉

And . . . Kenny and I went to the grocery store, got food for the weekend (he’s in charge of the weekly shopping for a while).  We ran into an old (from my bookstore days) friend, which was BEYOND lovely.  Like a breath of fresh, familiar air.  We had a yummy lunch.  I picked up the dog poop in the yard . . . thank you for a nice day that didn’t leave the poop frozen to the ground.  I took the Christmas lights down off the front porch, and my little neighbor called me over, to show me how she could read a book to me.  She was so proud!  That lights up my heart.  🙂  Kenny made fish and chips (DIVINE!) for dinner, then I finished off the last of his mixed-nut brittle, and now I’m back to power-eating clementines to try to fend off the plague that has siezed everyone at work.  I *will* be the healthy one.  Dammit.

I got the laundry done, and actually put away.  Oh, and I did the dishes, and cleared off some of the dining room table.  And vacuumed the living room after Kenny trimmed the dogs’ nails.  And I dusted my nightstand.

Tomorrow I want to take the tree down and put the inside decorations away.  AND . . . my mom’s oratorio concert is in the afternoon, and Kenny is making tuna steak for dinner.

A nice end to a stressful week, and, hopefully, a nice beginning to a better one.


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