"Miss Martha, you are so weird!" "I know . . . isn't it wonderful!?"


Happy New Year!  Why in sam hell am I still awake?!  I haven’t had any coffee in hours.  I’m watching “The Eagle” with the hubby on some premium channel.  I kind of feel like I missed out by not watching the ball drop this year . . . just in case the Mayans did have a valid point.  And, can I just ramble . . . why on God’s green earth did NASA take the time to explain why that prediction is not true?!?!  Hello . . . save the planet from mankind, and maybe the aliens, not from the crazies.  If those “ancient aliens” people on the History Channel are right, we’re all pretty much screwed anyway.  *sigh*


I’m freaking tired.  I should just be quiet and go to bed.  Lilly’s snoring up a storm next to me on the couch.  Kenny’s doing God knows what on the interwebs on his computer.  Ollie’s in a sleeping dog ball behind him on the chair.


They’ve had their “last outs” for the night . . . quite a while ago, in fact.


I need mine.  Should I file this under “potty?”  Nah.



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